Call for 3rd Eye Photography Festival, (Bamiyan story of Change 2015)

دانلود مقررات جشنواره به زبان دری

3rd Eye Photography Festival is an art & cultural project by 3rd Eye photojournalism with an approach to convert subjective concepts into pictures about a landscape, a city of dream and poor people with big hearts Bamiyan.

This initiative project is dedicated for Bamiyan story of change, supported by Prince Clause Foundation, and for its first festival about to Highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Asia; Celebrate the Asian’s cultural features and the SAARC share; Increase international citizens' sense of belonging to a common cultural area; particularly Asian’s SAARC Culture diversities; Foster the contribution of culture to the development of cities.

Why Bamiyan ?

  • Unique Historical background of this Province throughout of Afghanistan.
  • Having tourism sites and archeological values from ancient times (Buddhism, Zoroastrian and Islam).
  • Original and untracked culture and beautiful nature and landscapes of this province.
  • The above-mentioned factors were part of criteria, which SAARC members decided to announce and select this province as their “Cultural Capital”.
  • This province enjoys strong civilizational background and was main corridor of well-known ancient Silk Road. This photography Festival is an opportunity to qualified photographers who had captured the beauty and historical monuments of Bamyan and demonstrate their talents through their lenses.

Areas of competition:

  • Heritages and landscape
  • Nature
  • Archeological remnants
  • Daily life of people
  • Customs and traditions
  • Agriculture
  • Art and handicrafts of local residents

Festival rules:

  • Professional and amateur photographers are allowed to competition.
  • Nobody can submit the works of others in case it does happen he/she would be dismissed urgently and shall bear all responsibilities attached with.
  • Contributors at this Festival shall deemed photographers and owner of their works.
  • Every photographer can submit 10 pieces of photo or a story by subject matter of Bamyan.
  • All photos must be in JPG Format and less than 1MB capacity and shall contain with description.
  • The organizer of the event, 3rd Eye, has the right of publishing the art works on the photo book, broachers, magazines and etc., mentioning the name of photographers.
  • Submission of photos to the Festival shall deemed the acceptance of all rules and regulations there in.

Advantages for participants:

  • Selected works of photographers will demonstrate through an Exhibition.
  • Selected works of photographers will publish through a photo book.
  • By the end of Festival selected photos of contributors will return back to them by 3rd Eye to the participants whose works incorporated into the book will receive a photo book too.
  • Photographers that whose works is being sold will receive their remuneration after deduction of related admin cost.

Awards: 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism Center will award the top three candidate for best photography as follows:

  • First prize will receive a certificate by 3rd Eye and AFS.25000.
  • Second prize will receive a certificate and AFS. 15000.
  • Third prize will receive a certificate and AFS.10000.
  • For seven best photos will provide a photo book of festival and certificate by 3rd

Dead line and means of submission of photo works: 31th November 2015

By 3rd Eye website:

E-mail us via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or hand over your works to 3rd Eye office at Afghanistan, Kabul, Kart-e- 3, next to Rezaee Center street.

or Contact us: +93 (0) 788330993 - 788273293

The venue of exhibition: Bamyan City