Hi to everyone, thanks for participating to 3rd Eye photo Festival.

3rd eye photo festival that was kicked off on 20th of September 2015 Has received 376 photos from Afghanistan and oversees, unless one person with 4 works rest of contributors were qualified for competition. Then the received photos submitted to professional jury members for judgment; jurors are Abas Mohammadi( MA in documentary cinema), Malek shafiee( founding member of human rights festival) and Mohammad Moravejzada ( writer and filmmaker).

To Make rational judgment the Selection process was divided in to 3 phases the jurors were tasks to make their artistic and rational selection. at the initial phase 57 photos of 26 photographers were selected then at the second phase 13 works of 12 photographers were selected out of first phase and finally, 3 photos of 3 photographers got selected by jurors on 23th of December 2015 the winners are following:

First winner: Ali Asqar Mohammadi

Second winner: Hamid Reza Rahimi

Third Winner: Mani Moshkin Qalam

Criteria and reasons of selection by jury are as following:

First winner:Ali asqar Mohammadi

This photo has taken during blue time, based on framing and depth of field this work is very important. Preference of this time during fall season makes this method more valuable. Because flat dissemination of blue color all over the picture made it look like cooler.by this technique the notion of fall season very easy and deeply can convey to audiences. These issues shows that besides knowing the exact cognition of times and photography techniques the photographer is capable of using them to position his objectives in the audience mind. On the other hand, as the photographer is very professional in shatter, ISO and diaphragm configurations he managed them in an appropriate manner to demonstrate his artful view different than usual photos we has ever seen yet. A new and fresh sight of Bamyan beauty.

Second winner: Hamid Reza Rahmani

This photo is very accurate and precise based on framework. When look in to the framework and inner part of photo from framework point of view left side on the upper side of photo is correspond with the opposite side makes totally equal balance. Using the framework techniques caused the photo reflect more beauty and look unique. Furthermore, at this photo accidentally the mise-en- scene rule is preserved. Gorgeous Deep field of this photo at 3 levels of foreground, mid-ground and background cannot be ignored. On the point of view of color, using the crystalline clouds which reflected the hot orange ray of sun into vast and blue color sky of Bamyan have created an special perspective that can catch the eye of audience into amazing background of this city. Photographer has been able to demonstrate very beautiful and attractive picture of Bamyan creatively to his audiences. He almost demonstrated half of Bamyan city into his artful framework.      

Third winner: Mani Moshkin Qalam 

At this photo to make a heavy framework, the photographer has used equality and balance. He shaped the inner side of framework based on these two items. He has tried to present the peacefulness and silence of location by using the reflective characteristic of water. By using the horizontal line that put it at the center of framework besides keeping the balance caused the picture more shine and beauty. Use of horizontal line in contrary of most places that lead to weakness of photo has caused the photo pose more powerful and pacified. On the other hand, this method gave the photo more phantasy and has caused the photographer to take his audience at the pick point of pleasure of gorgeous beauty. The other result of using the horizontal line is division of picture into different layers. This variation of multilayers help the simple work seems multipurpose. Maybe, it shall be said that using this technique is a link between western Aesthetics and Eastern Aesthetics that through creation of smooth mobility makes emotional and visual attractiveness for its audiences. 

Rewards for leading photographers:

First winner: will receive Afs.25000 in cash plus recognition letter and a copy of festival book.

Second winner: will receive Afs.15000 in cash plus recognition letter and a copy of festival book.

Third winner: will receive Afs. 10000 in cash plus recognition letter and a copy of festival book.

9 photographers will receive only recognition letter and a copy of festival book.

Note: time and date of ceremony for winner photographers will announce later.