Our Film production capacity

besides photography 3rd eye is the most professional institution of film production which has worked with domestic and international organizations to produce on demand documentaries which four of them is as follows:

 Petiet Afghanistan

Directed By Basir Seerat

Little Afghanistan-2011 (written and directed by Basir Seerat): this film is made by Basir Seerat on of our member in 3rd eye concerning the struggle between the traditional carriage horse and taxi both serve for passengers at same Narrow Street. The horse owners and taxi drivers usually fight each other on daily base over passengers. This film somehow demonstrate face of the traditional and new generation that is sponsored by Arte TV of France for Ateliers varan. This film is screened in several international film fair in Germany, France and Mehregan film fair in Kabul and awarded the best documentary on 2012.


 Bul Bul, Teh Bird of City

Directed by: Reza Hussaini (Yemak)

Bulbul, the bird of city-2008 (written and directed by Reza Yamak): this documentary concerned the child labors who are working on street engage in garbage collection, cleaning the shoes, cleaning cars and so on. In fact they are bread giver of their families. This documentary is made by one of the members of 3rd eye that was sponsored by ARTE TV of France for Ateliers Varan. This film was screened in several international film fair in Germany, France and 4th Kabul film fair which nominated and awarded for best sound recording.


Bird Street is My Home

Directed by Basir Seerat

Bird Street is my home -2009: this film is about two metal worker boy who are working in traditional metal smith and forging in Kabul. Based on the labor law and other regulations work of children at forging industry and other heavy jobs is forbidden. These two boys have to work and go to school, play with their peers. Basir Seerat, the director and member of 3rd eye, shows their compulsory jobs and their feeling while working as a metal smith and also their behavior in school and their childhood world playing and enjoying a lot. This film is supported by cultural services of French embassy, French cultural center in Kabul, Goethe institute and Arte International. To make it happen Fine Arts faculty of Kabul University, Afghan Film, FCCS and RTA also provided genius assistance. “Bird Street is my home”   demonstrated in various film fairs like, Germany, France and Swiss.


Under the Eyes of Budhas

At Bamiyan, one of the poorest provinces in Afghanistan, a huge Buddha statue has been looking at the Valley and its residents for many centuries. In March 2001, the Taliban destroyed that Buddha completely. But even when there is just an empty niche left, the buddha lives on in the memory of the Hazaraz.


To Pave the Pathway

To pave the pathway-2010: written and directed by Reza Sahel, Editor in chief of 3rd eye,  this film is tries to show economic crisis of a post conflict country where street vendors are working under very hardship condition imposed by traffic police and municipality  staff. Reza Sahel, director, listen to vendors’ grieves and tries to demonstrate how these men pave the pathway for their children and new generation while sacrifices themselves. This documentary is sponsored by Goethe institute, World Bank, National Solidarity Program, TKG Group and FCCS in Kabul for Community Supported Film (CS Film). This film as a part of 10 documentary produced based on request by the supporters.