My name is Mohammad Reza Hussaini (Yemak). I was born in a corner of this vast world probably in 1976. I was a refugee and worked as a labor in Iran by 2001. I grew up in Gul Shahr City in Mashad province in Iran and studied there. I never thought at that time that I would become a photographer once. It was in spring of 2002 when Radio interview of Mr. Reza Deqqati on establishment of photography training center called Aina (mirror) was broadcast, and I felt excited. I was a Presidential security guard at that time. The following day I asked for a three-hour leave from my supervising commander to search Aina office. Finally, I found the office and my first meeting with Mr. Reza Deqqati was in a friendly atmosphere at the office yard. I was in Army uniform.

I was both practically and theoretically trained for two years by different professors such as Mr. Manuchehr Deqqati, younger brother of Mr. Reza Deqqati, David Bafta, Glan Lotter and etc. I joined documentary film-making group called Atliya Waran from Paris, France in 2006. I made a film by the name of Pahlawan (athlete) Essa during the first training period, and made another film called Nightingale of the City during the second training period. The later one was shown in the international festivals like Leipzig, Cann and Nant.

I had started story writing long ago. Now beside of writing about daily life of people some times write film critics and hold seminars and workshops regarding photo and film critics for 3rd Eye professional and amateurs photographers and film makers. Teaching at Fine Arts of Kabul University and other private institutions as lecturer.