I was born at Kabul city on January 1, 1996. I, then, moved to Bamyan Province. I attended school at the age of 6 on 2002 at one of Bamyan's primary schools. i used to continue my primary school there up to 2th grade. After that, i shifted to Baghlan province(pulikhomry city)and continued my secondry school. In 2009, I moved back to Kabul city with my family and finally graduated from high school in 2013. From childhood, i used to read fictions and novels and through my readings, i used to narrate them back to my friends and family members. Moreover, i used to create imaginary pictures of the incidents i used to read in the fictions. The act of creating imaginary pictures, developed in my a passion in photography. After that, i purchased a small digital camera and started taking pictures of the nature where ever i used to walk. After understanding my skills in photography, i was registered at 3rd eye photojournalism center where i was trained on professional photographing by Teacher Reza Yemak. In addition to photography, I have hands on skill in writing fictions. I also writte a couple of fictions. Currently, I am a member of 3rdeye Photojournalism Center.