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Culture is the basic needs

Jens Kare Rasmussen director, Vibeke Munk Petersen head of culture & development projects of the Danish Center for culture & Developments , Thomas Damgaard partner of Commerce & Culture with a famous an afghan poem writer Dr. Samie Hamid visit 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center & permanent gallery 6th Feb. 2011.

 Danish Center for culture & Developments wants to help the Afghan Photographers in this year & they ask photographers to work hard for the future actions & possibly progressive projects. Before visiting 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center they had a friendly meeting at Kabul Srena Hotel.

 Jens Kare Rasmussen speaks among the students of 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center about the projects that Danish will support for the future of culture & developments. He asks that afghan photographers should speak what is the most important mission that Danish Center can work on. He said that we are working how to develop the photography & photographers who they are in needs, possibly we will work what you photographers need.

 Vibeke Munk Petersen also adds that in this Danish Center for culture & Developments will support the National institute of Music, Filmmakers & Photographers. We are working hard to figure out that how we can be more useful to share the progressive projects that the artists & those who are working in culture in Afghanistan developing.

 Thomas Damgaard said that I am a photographer & artist, I can feel what the photographers needs, as we meets the Photographers today, all of the photographers shared what is the challenges, I will design a project from the point of your needs to Danish Center for culture & Developments to support or they should work on. We believes that the discussion that we had with photographers & now we are in 3rd Eye Gallery is quite wonderful for as that we faced with the new face of culture & developments that before we never saw from media’s in Europe.
Finally Dr Samia Hamid the famous Afghan poem writer add that I am working closely with Danish Center for culture & Developments & I am talking that the culture side of Afghanistan needs more energy to progress, as Danish Center for culture & Developments had projects before we planed that we can work with new Afghan people who they are straggling for culture which is the basic needs. 


We came here to see what the photographers speaks from the silent, some days before we meets the musicians who they needs for the progressive projects, like Institute of National Music. This is the plan that we highly appreciate from Danish Center for culture & Developments to involve with, off curse as I know they like to be.

 Finally all gusts sit for watching the photos from 3rd Eye Photojournalism Members. Off cures we 3rd Eye Photojournalism center appreciate the meeting & visiting 3rd Eye. 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center is the only national photojournalism center in Afghanistan which has more experience & stability of hard working among the National & international medias & national & international NGOs.