Mohammad Reza Hussaini Yamak My name is Mohammad Reza Hussaini Yamak. I was born in a corner of this vast world probably in 1973. I was a refugee and worked as a labor in Iran by 2001. I grew up in Gul Shahr City in Mashad province in Iran and studied there. I never thought at that time that I would become a photographer once. It was in spring of 2002 or probably 2003 when Radio interview of Mr. Reza Deqqati on establishment of photography training center called Ayeena (mirror) was broadcast, and I felt excited. I was a Presidential security guard at that time. The following day I asked for a three-hour leave from my supervising commander to search Ayeena office. Finally, I found the office and my first meeting with Mr. Reza Deqqati was in a friendly atmosphere at the office yard. I was in police uniform.

I was both practically and theoretically trained for two years by different professors such as Mr. Manuchehr Deqqati, smaller brother of Mr. Reza Deqqati, David Bafta, Glan Lotter and etc. I joined documentary film-making group called Atliya Waran from France in 2006. I made a film by the name of Pahlawan (athlete) Essa during the first training period, and made a film called Nightingale of the City during the second training period.

I had started story writing long ago. Now and then, I still continue to write stories. Except for taking part in establishment of 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center and cooperation in training programs of this center in Kabul and provinces, I have not had any other eye-catching activities.