Mohammad Reza Sahel was born in 1986 in Qarabagh District in Ghazni province. He started his studies in Tamaki High school in 1991 and graduated from high school in 2007.

Sahel attended a three-month training program in Academy of Art about filming- 2007.

Sahel was trained photojournalism for several months by Osthad Najibullah Musafer and started to become further familiar with technical delegacies of photography.

He received training on directing of documentary film in Association of US Support Film in Kabul. Later, he made a documentary film- 2010.

He has been engaged with media since 2007 and has played the role of photographer in different TVs such Rah-e- Farda and Negah TVs- since 2007.

He has been preparing photos for BBC, Radio of German Voice, Demo Tex websites as a freelance.

He, as an active member has been serving 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center since its establishment.

He served as a trainer in training programs conducted by 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center in Bamyan and Kabul. He participated in festival of Young Word as a multi media trainer.

Since 2008 he along with the other members of 3rd Eye Photojournalism has attended actively exhibitions organized in Kabul, Bamyan and Southern Korea.

Sahel is vehemently interested in filming and photography.