Zakarya Safari son of Mohammad Essa Safari who was born in 1991 in Chandawol 1st District of Kabul.
He is a Turkmani From the Sorkh Parsa District of Parwan province.
He spend the childhood days in Kabul and Mazar e Sharif and due to insecurity in Afghanistan he left Afghanistan for Pakistan with his family.The beginning weeks of emigrating in Pakistan was spended in Peshawar,Lahore and islamabad.Then Zakarya and his family moved to Quetta Pakistan and lived there for 9 years.
With coming to Quetta Pakistan Zakarya got a great chance to keep steps in School and other Educationl courses.In the way to elementary,mid and high school he joined different art groups to perform drama’s and stage shows.
When he was in the middle school he attend the Typing and English Language Classes in Imam Jaffer Sadiq,Paragon,Millat Typing  and Pak Oxford Educational Center.
Zakarya was known as an stage show actor and comedian in most of the schools and educational center and courses in Quetta.
In the year 2004 he got entrée in (HDA) Hazaragi Drama Association to perform as an actor in a Tele Film ( Tele Fone Jebi ).
Finally Zakarya Safari graducated from high school in 2006 and in the same time he got his Diploma’s in English Language.
He experienced a priod of great life in Mari Abad of Quetta because he got a golden chance to learn,act and live which was hardly possible in his own country.
Zakarya return back homeland in 2007 and in the 1st chance he participated in Khanda Bazar programe of Tolo Tv in Kabul and he finally got the 8 Top best performer Award.
He starts working for Tv Channel’s since 2008.
Zakarya Safari got entrée in Rah-e-Farda Tv as an actor and he start’s experiencing Media In Kabul.
    •    Rah-e-Farda Tv & Radio.
         Actor of many short comedy shows.
         Actor of Drama Serial (Nawa-e-Nai).
         Actor of short film ( Intersted In Bicycle )the film was candidate in kabul film festival.
          Host of a comedy programe in Radio (Bagcha-e-Haftom)
          Camera Man assistat & Camera man for indoor & out door programe’s
    •    Negaah Tv & Nida Radio
          Doblojer In Dubbing Department
          Camera Man assistant & Camera man
    •    Ariana Television Network
         News  Camera Man
Since 2012 Zakarya Safari is Photographing and now he is member of 3rd Eye Photojournalism Center.
He tripped to Badakhshan,Balkh,Panjshir,Khandahar and many other provinces of Afghanistan and caputred different photo’s from Nature,Security,Children and Women.
Zakarya Safari hopefully looks toward his profission to find the best way to the bright future for him & his nation through Arts.