Sadeq Naseri was born in 1980 in Mashhad, Iran, but grew up in Gulshahr Valley.

After finishing his education he was looking for a job and better studying opportunities and Naseri returned to Afghanistan as soon as international community stopped the on-going civil war.

He had his first job experience in a public media during Afghanistan’s first presidential election. He produced programs and broadcast them in provincial areas. The programs mainly encouraged people to distinguish their future by actively participating in the election.

In 2005, Naseri took part in a survey with Altaye Consulting Institute, a French active research and marketing institute. He evaluated the provincial and districts authorities performances through existed indicators and benchmarks.

In 2009, Naseri worked as a program officer for Action Aid Organization in Bamyan and in 2010, Naseri acted as an office manager for Action Aid Organization in Sorobi district of Kabul.
Additionally, Naseri performed as a Program Officer at JICA/IRDP in Yakowlang and Saighan districts in Bamyan city.

As a journalist for radio Seda-e-Javan in Bamyan, Naseri provided writing and oral news despite the extreme social and security problems. The experience made him confident enough to deal with serious political issues.
Naseri worked as a Trainer Civic Educator in Central Highland with JEMB. He has coordinated civic educational activities, monitored civic educators, trained them and met all district governors. His connection between government and JEMB is a good reference.