Abdul Latif Azimi was born in 1992 in Yakawalang District in Bamiyan province. He started his studies in Zarin High school in 1997 and graduated from high school in 2009.  He started his Studies   2010 in English Department, Education Faculty of Bamiyan University and graduated in 2013.
Azimi attended in one-month training program about filming and photography in 2013, it was conducted by Quqnus Art and Cultural Organization in Bamiyan center.
Azimi was worked with Simon Norfolk (landscape Photographer) for five- months as assistance and interpreter in Bamiyan. 2013
He has been engaged with media since 2010 and has played the role of photographer in different medias and news agencies such as Republic of Silence, Kabul press and Sada-e-Shaharwand Daily News.
He has prepared photos for BBC, Republic of Silence from 2014 election and for the Bamiyan Tourism Association from the sightseeing places of Bamiyan for publishing.
He has participated in different exhibitions, like; Afghanistan Unknown Country photo Exhibition in Japan in 2014, One Night with Buddha Photo Exhibition in Bamiyan 2014 and South of Asia photo exhibition (about safety) in 2014.
Right now he is one of the member of 3rd Eye Photojournalism and are working in Bamiyan province.