I started photography when I was a young man (film) but set it aside though never completely. 
Throughout my professional careers I worked in photography and while in Federal service, I had a unique opportunity to develop a digital photographic system and it bloomed into opportunities never imaged.
One of the most memorable events was working with the U.S. Capital Police to digitally record the U.S. Capital, the Cherry Blossom Parade route, the WWII Memorial from the ground and air-working with the U.S. Capitol Police was truly an honor and exciting.
These techniques that I and my associates established, were refined and used to support major events such as the Olympics in Greece in 2004, the Oscars nomination, NBL events, and former President Regan’s Funeral.
I found myself in Iraq in 2007 at the height of the troop surge and then landed in Afghanistan in 2009-the country, landscape, and people are breathtaking and still here!
It was in Afghanistan that I truly took digital photography with a new found passion and realized what I wanted to do in my “new life”.
I thoroughly enjoy mentoring, instruction, digital asset management work flow, and developing projects such as the Afghan 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalist  Center (Kabul, Afghanistan-www.3rdeye.af) and developing similar professionally in Dubai as well.
A source of great pride and honor was my acceptance into the Nikon Professional Services program (NPS).  I'm a member of the Professional Photographers of American and the American Society of Media Photographers and pursuing my Certified Professional Photographer and Masters of Photography.
A traditional Afghan saying “Drop by Drop, a River is Made” (“Qatra Qatra Darya Misha” in Dari) I have been walking this exciting path to see the my world as I see it.