I am Ali Mohammad Mohaqiq, I was born in the middle of nowhere called Ashtarlay part of Daikundi district of Uruzgan province in central Afghanistan now itself a district of Daikundi province in Central Highlands of Afghanistan. My date of birth? I found from the back of my father’s holy book written “Ali Mohammad s/o Mohammad Ishaq was borne on 11/12/1359.
I left home on the ninth of my age heading to Iran When in Iran I went to Madrasa and as I did not hold Refugee Identification Card, I had to move to different cities but still keen to continue Madrasa where there were few of them accepting Afghan refugee students.  I returned to see my mother after five years could not stay home for long and left for Pakistan where I attended English and computer courses along with my studies at Afghan formal schools in exile run by refugees. Taliban collapsed and I returned back to Afghanistan to help my country man stand alone. I started my work as a teacher in Ghazni where I afterward joined UNHCR to assist Afghan Refugee and Internally Displaced People Returning to the said province. I continued serving for Afghan returnees with in the framework of the United Nations until mid-2012 and moved to Arab countries as a staff member of the Nited Nations. As of 2013, I study journalism at Nai Media Institute. I always wished to be able to shot good photos and have had cameras. I read articles on photography. I participated short term photography courses thought by Nasim Siyamak and Naseer Turkmani and learned a lot from Mr. Musafer Najibullah and Sir Yamak the two high ranking Afghan photographer and film makers through individual contacts and participation in photo review sessions at the 3rd Eye. I had the chances to put my own photo shots for the review of professional photo journalists and photographers.