Rohullah Amin, Son of Asadullah, was born in a Baghcha-Jai, a small village in the Jaghuri District of Ghazni Province. Involving in many sport, cultural and social activities, he went to school there and in the year 2007 he graduated from Dawood Zirak High School. He, then, moved to Iran for 3 months. In the year 2007, he was back from Iran. He enrolled for Fine Arts in Kabul University. Since then, Rohullah has actively participated in English Language courses and as a photographer and artist he has been a member of Afghanistan’s Journalist Association. He has involved in many artistic teams. He has praticipated in many theatrical teams and workshop and also workshops on short films. Amin is interested in social, psychological and artistics and some other sorts of books.
In the 7th festival of Afghanistan National Theatr, Amin had participated on the behalf of Ghazni province. In the winter of year 2012, besides to English Language course, he also participated to the cources of Aghanistan Chamber of Calligraphers. Amin has an student of computer cources for six months and, besides to the Windows Operating System and the internet, he is well familiar with the following programs, too: Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Powerpoint, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop. He has also participated in short-term workshops of Durr-e-Dari (a well-known center of literature and language in Afghanistan) and has had a photojournalism course in Center for Contemporary Arts of Afghanistan. In the 3rd year of his university, Amin continued with his photojournalistic activities and in the year 2013 he participated in school theatrs of Kabul schools on behalf of Fine Arts Faculty. After 2 months of working with these school activities, Amin returned the Center for Contemporary Arts of Afghanistan to continue his artistic education with photojournalism, film, installation and many other workshops on Human Rights and civil society affairs. So far, he has had three major show in the Center for Contemporary Arts of Afghanistan.
In the year 2009, Amin became a member of Third Eye Center fo Photojournalism and since then he has working with the center. He has journeies to many provinces of Afghanistan, so far. From the middle of autumn in the year 1392, Amin has also been working with newspapers Surosh-e-Millat and Wahdat. Amin, himself, has another weekly magazine by the name of Khana (Home). He mostly works a freelaunce.