Abdulla Shayagan was born in 1990 in the province of Bamyan.
Since agriculture was his family’s main occupation, Abdulla’s childhood was entangled with sheep herding in the desert.
After finishing primary school he graduated fom the English Literature Department of Bamyan’s University, and besides his own studies he taught English in different language training centres throughout the province.
Together with fellow college students Shayagan established the Kanon Daneshjoyee Tafahom (Students Understanding Centre), a centre for civil and social training.
Shayagan is also head of the Communication and Relations department of War Victim Defenders Committee in Bamyan, a committee to help war victims.
His interest in photography was sparked during a three months journalism training program, which inspired him to enrol in the 3rd Eye photojournalism-training program in Bamyan.
He is now an active member of 3rd Eye and his work has been exhibited in Afghanistan and abroad.
Beside photography he is working as a reporter for Radio Payk in Bamyan and as a freelancer with BBC and other national wide news agencies. He hopes that in the future he will be able to mix media with social activism.

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