Eid Mohammad Roiesh Son of Mohammad Amin born in 1991 in Jaghori District of Ghazni Provence.
In 2009 He has graduated from Ustad Sharifi High School in Jaghori and he has Bachelor of Arts from Cinema Department of Fine Arts Faculty, Kabul University.
He has Started Photography for the first time from parties with analogue Camera and He started his professional career as photographer by taking courses of Photography held by Afghanistan Cultural House in 2012 and Afghanistan Center of Modern Arts in 2011 trained by Mr. Najibulla Musafir and Mr. Yamak.
His Photographs were participated at an exhibition held by Center of Modern Arts of Afghanistan for the first time and he has also worked as a Photographer for some daily press like Asr- E- Ma, Ejma- e –Mili and Soroush-e-Mili. Eid Mohmmad Roiesh has also directed and taken part as actor, sound, Camera and light man in some short Films.