Hadi Wahidi was born on23th December 1987in Ghasni province. He started school at 1993 and graduated at 2005 in Ghazni province. In the same year he moved in Kabul and attend a three months training program in academy of art about filming. Wahidi also was trained as photojournalism for three months by Ostad NAJIBULLAH MUSAFER in 2005 Since ,then that he found out about his passion in photographing he have never stopped taken photos. Wahid have been posting photos in BBC Persian website in varieties topics such as afghan new year afghan independence day. .Hadi Wahidi have been working in Shohada organization as finance officer, casher and admin from 2006 until 2011.During his occupation in Shohada organization have been attended many workshops which he is so proud of it .such as Human Rights for Afghan women Gender in the government organizations Better knowing our environment (as a trainer) Human Resources in Afghanistan Wahidi is well known in his community as friendly and in love with photographing his goal is to express his feeling toward photographing to people.