Mahdy Mehraeen was born and grew up in Bamyan and is now living in Kabul.

He is an award-winning photojournalist who started working as a freelance journalist and photographer in 2007.

As a journalist and communication expert, he has been working for various programs and with organizations such as UNDP, JICA, ISAF, Press Now and Free Press Unlimited.

Mehraeen has been teaching radio journalism at Bamyan University since 2009, and he started the first mobile radio station in Afghanistan with the aim to make the local radio available to people living in the mountainous areas of the city.

Mehraeen was one of the first bloggers in Afghanistan and has been running his blog since 1995. He has participated in many workshops in Afghanistan and abroad and conducted blog training workshops at Bamyan University.

Mehraeen has been the head of Bamyan Journalists Union and he is an active member of 3rd Eye Photojournalism Centre.