Asghar Noor Mohammadi was born in 22-5-1987 and grew up in Mazar_e_sharif, Afghanistan.
He holds a BA in journalism at Balkh University and graduated in 2011. In the past six years he has worked with local and foreign media.
He also spent a couple of years embedded with media organs having finished his internship and practical work mostly in Balkh Journalism faculty, Nai supporting open media and short term journalism training the north.
Among hismany recognition he has free-lanced in Radio Nehad, Pajhwak news agency, Afghanistan today, IWPR, INTERNEWS, 3rd eye photojournalism forum and numerous media.
Awarded the Afghan youth voices prize throughout the country during his studies in university.
He was honored in Afghan youth voices producing a two minute film as the very first short documentary to be candidate or nominated of the greatest youth’s film making festival in the country.
Asghar has been instrumental in photography, filming and training photojournalism in the North of Afghanistan.
Having charted the journey of a journalist and photojournalism, Asghar is currently involved in places Afghanistan Today website English, He is best known on reporting from the north, photography, Training photojournalism, reporting writing, environmental reporting, election, Radio technique and numerous journalistic issues in the North.

With a keen awareness and reverence for, human dignity, he creates photography from different parts of the country in the North covering and capturing powerful series of photos and images of historical places and most importantly recording the daily history of Afghans lives.
His goal is always to create high impact to tell compelling picture stories.
His images high the beauties in the North and offer viewers intimate glimpse in the historical place and beauties of the nature and experiences for people all over the world and spark the desire to become involved in image of the Northern Afghanistan.