Maani Mishkin Qalam was born in autumn 1989 in Malistan District in Ghazni province. He studied Primary and Secondary schools in ... in ... (year) and completed high school studies in ... in ... (year). Due to insecurity in Afghanistan, he left for ... (name of country). He returned three years ago in Afghanistan and now lives in Kabul.
Passing directing training in cinema, Mishkin Qalam started his artistic activities in 2003 from Jaam-e- Jam Training Center in Tehran. Then, he joined the theater group of Afghan artists in Center of Artists in Tehran. By 2008 he together with his other artistic friends spent in an atmosphere allegedly filled with talks about theater.
At the end of 2008 Mishkin Qalam came in Kabul and received six-month training in Academy of Art on movie making, story writing and film story writing. In collaboration with Basir Seerat, he started short and advanced photography training. Then, he was technically and professionally trained on photography by Osthad Najibullah Musafer in 2011. Later in the same year, he started his higher studies in the field of communication in Ibn-e- Sina Institute of Higher Education. Activities of Mishkin Qalam in the field of photography, duplication, and TV directing are as the followings:
    •    Duplication Manager in Negah TV for three years
    •    Executor of Parsonaj Program
    •    Executor of Roz az Naw live program.
    •    News Announcer of Radio Nida
    •    Narrator of documentary films broadcast from BBC World network and Discovery channel.
    •    Executor of Gul-e- Subh Program on Tamaddun TV for a short period of time.
    •    Narrator on Tamaddun TV
    •    Actor in a commercial clip titled “Kirim Naran”.
    •    Actor in short film called Sun glass
    •    Actor in Alifba-e- Koli film
    •    Assistant director of a documentary film called “passing through mist”.
    •    Participation in a photography project called “3rd Eye” in Kandahar, Herat and Ghazni.
    •    Participation in photo exhibition organized in Ibn-e- Sina Institute of Higher Education.
    •    Participation in photo exhibition conducted by ECO in Tehran, Iran.
    •    Participation in photo exhibition in Bagh-e- Babur Shah.