Hi dear viewers, Its me Naseer Fedaee Turkmani (NFT) from Afghanistan,Born on 1990 - Parwan Province of Dara Turkman district. I spent my childhood in Kabul but in 1996 our family leaved Afghanistan cause of very bad security in the country and we moved to Quetta Pakistan. Graduated of 12th grade from Firdousi Private high school in Quetta,also I learn Calligraphy and painting there. I worked painting about 3 years but I didnt learn it that why I became in Photography art in 2006 when I leaved painting. Till now I had learned from different teacher such as: Aziz Cahngazi,Najib Ullah Musafir,Reza Yamek,Basir Seerat,Reza Sahil,Marco Grob,Mortin nillson,Jan Grarup,David Kanerly .. and had many photo-exhibitions in Afghanistan (more then ten province), Switzerland,USA .. Thanks for visit my weblog.