Ali OmidI was born on 27 July 1981in ‎‎Zardsank village in Panjab District in Bamyan Province. I spent my childhood there in my place of birth. I was ‎interested ‎in arts and photography. I came in Kabul in 2000 and ‎started my university studies in faculty of Fine Arts in Kabul University and graduated in 2004 securing the first position in my class.‎
‎While studying, I joined Aina institute for ‎three years and ‎earned a lot of experiences. I was trained by veteran and experienced professors such as Mr.Manocher Diqqati, Mr.Reza Diqqati and some ‎other French and American trainers in photojournalism. ‎While having training period I used to take a lot of photos from ‎different ‎parts of Afghanistan. After graduation I worked in Ministry of Justice ‎as a ‎photo journalist and in charge of Technical Section for one year. ‎Since 2005 I joined national assembly of Afghanistan as a photo ‎journalist.‎
‎I participated in more than ten workshops and courses in ‎different fields ‎such as administration ,law ,journalism ,camera, editing‎‎, video, librarianship ‎‎,economy, computer and literature and as a freelance I have provided different photos, cartoons, caricatures for different ‎Magazines and ‎Weeklies such as magazine ‎of Honer, Zanbel- gham, ‎Hoquq-zan, Adalat ,Perwaz, Kabul News , Bahar ‎‎,Sirat , Afatab, ‎Danishjow, Kabul weekly and Afghanistan Jawan.‎
As a photojournalist, I have had numerous trips in different countries such as India, Iran, United Arab Emirate, Belgium, Holland, Italy, China, Indonesia, ‎Russia, ‎Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey. I got a lot of appreciation ‎letters from ‎different sources dealing with media and photojournalism.