Saber Dehqan was born in 1985 in Sar Chishmah of Jalriz District in Maydan Wardak province. He started his studies in Naderyah High school and graduated from high school in 2003
- Dehqan attended a three-month Journalism training program in Ministry of Information and Culture in 2005
- Dehqan joined in Poly Technic University after past konkur examination in 2004 and graduated in 2009 from Geology and Mine faculty.
-Dehqan has worked with different companies as a geologist and engineer in this field and now he is working as a geotechnical engineer in Omran Geotechnical Company (OGC) and he has very interest to know about photography and work as a good photographer and photojournalist. In this case he needs a lot of experience and training to work perfectly in this field.