Photos uploading step by step (in 3rd eye gallery):

Step 1: User Menu.

After login to your account you can see User Menu on top of right website header. 

Step 2: Find (Photos upload) Sub-menu.

User menu is dynamic and options are different based on your user account type, Photographer members can upload images, to upload Photo just click on (Photos upload) option in User Menu, then upload page would be open.

Step 3: Open Upload Page.

Upload photos page is always being opened in new window!

Step 4: Import Photos from your PC.

By (Select or drop images here for upload *) button you can select images from your devices.

Step 5: Select one or more photos and open it.

You can have multi selection in one time for upload.

Step 6: How to remove one photo form selected list.

You can use cancel button to remove one photo or use clean list button to remove all photo from selected list.

Step 7: Add  photo's Caption and Category, Complete Upload form.

You have to chose the photo's category from the provided list. if you want your photos to be shown with captions then type caption in description text box.


Important: Wait for Upload Completion.

Approved photos by 3rd Eye web manager will be shown in Gallery later on.